Triple Crown

About This Treatment

Triple Crown combines three industries most coveted technologies - Hydra facial, Rezenerate & LED - to create a one of kind, state of the art, skin transformation treatment. This facial yields instant results, smooth, plumps, brightens and hydrates. 

Essential Benefits

  • Instantly smoothes

  • Plumps

  • Brightens

  • Perfect before any big event

$195 | 60 Minutes


Gold Facial

About This Treatment

This new luxurious facial has it all. Brightening, firming and lightening enzymes, a cooling effect that is a perfect fix for puffiness, 24K Gold Mask to firm, hydrates and  revitalize and finish with the magic of LED. 

Essential Benefits

  • Firming and toning

  • Restructuring

  • Revitalizing effect

  • Hydrating

$195 | 60 Minutes



About This Treatment

The Flawless Facial is unique to Savvy Skin and is designed to address pigmentation disorders. This facial can be customized to your skin’s needs. This facial revitalizes your skin after hours in the sun by brightening, hydrating, and evening out skin tone.

Essential Benefits

  • Instantly brightens and lightens pigmentation, and acne scars with enzymes

  • Safe on all skin types, with zero down time.

  • Added LED Treatment boosts collagen and elastin, for tight smooth skin.

  • Reduces inflammation, and kills bacteria.

  • Plumping, smoothing and hydrating.

$195 | 60 Minutes


Nano Facial Series

  • Remarkable results for deep wrinkles

  • Smoothing texture, pore size, scars and brightening skin tone.

  • No down time.

  • Amazing at addressing wrinkles around the eyes

Rezenerate (smoothing) and anti-aging peptide collage mask layered with LED. Done is 1-2 week frequency's, for 4-6 visits. Peptide home care required.